Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hello everyone :) My first post of 2017  I hope you are all enjoying 2017 so far.
 I got some wonderful gifts from blogfriends for Christmas and would like to show you.
The first gifts to arrive was from  Fabiola. Can you spot the tiny ghosts :D
I love the lady in the frame.

Great candles for Elfvera :)

Thank you so much Faby for your gifts and your friendship.
Next to arrive was from Birgit though I am sure the chocolates and the calendar gave it away lol. 

I love the calendar and I can get a fresh smile every month. These calendars are keepers. The chocolates are well I am sure you can guess where they went ;)

My tree got a new cute decoration this year :) and I love her tiny houses.

Thank you Birgit Fluby and Rosey for all the smiles throughout the year and for your treasured friendship.
When I opened the next package I was over the moon because I had admired and wished for one of these fairy houses that Drora made and was I lucky :)

Sweets and a sweet teddy.

A closer look at this wonderful house. 

 The tiny flowers are gorgeous.
Thank you Drora you made me a very happy lady with this beautiful fairy house.
Thank you all for your beautiful heartfelt gifts and friendships that I always treasure.
May we have a shared wonderful 2017
Warm Hugs to all my Friends

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hello everyone :) I am sorry that I did not get to wish you all a Happy Christmas but I do hope that you all had a fantastic one and that you are all still enjoying the  holidays. Before Christmas I went into the city to do a little shopping it is only about an hours bus ride from me but I don't go very often due to my knee problem :( Anyway I did get in and to my surprise one of the shops had the windows dressed with miniatures :))

Maybe some of you will get some ideas from the displays :) I hope you can see them ok as they are all behind glass. Unfortunately they didn't have any mini's for sale.
I didn't have time to do a Christmas roombox so I decorated the outside of one of my houses.   

I hope to be a better blogger in the new year :-)
WISHING YOU ALL A VERY WONDERFUL 2017 wishing you good health love and peace.
Warm Hugs to All My Friends

Monday, 21 November 2016

Hello everyone :) Just a short post to let you know that I am still here.
 I have had some family issues that have left me very little time or energy lately. I have also had the dreaded flue. I found it hard to be creative with so much on my mind so thought it best to have a break.
 A good reason that has kept me busy the last few days is that my Dad reached the great young age of 90 so we have had something nice to celebrate :)
 I do hope that I will have some pictures for you soon as I am slowly getting back into mini making.
        Warm Hugs to all my Friends. Wishing you all well xxxx